Rainy Days Are Here Again

After the dramatic drought Cape Town experienced last summer this summer season is starting with rain so much longed for by the Captonians. Water restrictions are lifted, lawns are changing their colour from brown to green and I honour the rainy weather with a visit to the MOCAA. This stunning museum is the foremost gallery of contemporary African art on the continent (see also my post Clever Klûk of. March 15, 2018).

The current exhibition Five Bhobh assembles 29 artists from neighbouring Zimbabwe in a remarkable show covering all aspects of life and history of the country that got a new breath of life after the 32 years' misrule of autocratic Robert Mugabe came to a sudden end. Here he is posing as Jesus with his disciples in a Last Supper sunrrounded by other African and international dignitaries. Five Bhobh that is to say life is like a run for five bhobhs (five kilometers) on a communal minibus.

Kenian artist Cyrus Kabiru is playing with the African theme of masks. His enigmatic photos capture his own face with intricate masks made of found items.

The art on Cape Towns streets is on par with the art confined to galleries and the clever designers of Cape Town's Waterfront have framed picture perfect table mountain. Visitor love to have a selfie with the iconic berg.  

Striving to come close to some perfection at least I have chosen a red velvety coat from Zara with my  olive green French pants and top for my arty outing to the Mother City. 


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