Winter with Eroll

Eroll Arendz from Cape Town is a magician. He knows how to make women look good. The shapes of his dresses and coats are rather simple. His secret lies in the cut. Add lovely fabric and fluid forms.

I have chosen the long brown dress and a beige coat enveloping me in the lightest wool you can imagine.

On colder days I change the coat for the fun fur west by Wanama from Buenos Aires. Their motto is Live better dreams. Well, Live your dreams would have done it for me, but Argentinians like to exaggerate.

Adding a pale aquamarin shawl to the dark brown makes the dress fit for an outing for dinner in town.

The plain brown dress offers endless
possibilities for accessorizing.

Playing with accessories
is so much fun. It does not matter
if it is classic, fancy
or crazy, if it is costing
next to nothing or
preciously hand crafted
by a renown arrtisan.

With the plain brown dress everything goes.

From Russia with Love

Years ago my then time sweet heart brought me a precious painting from Russia. The icon is showing Saint Catherine in an embroidered dress in front of a star studded background. The painting makes me always think of my own visit to Russia.

 It was a romantic evening in early winter in St Petersburg. The first snow was falling slowly on the square in front of the Hermitage.

 From that journey I brought home a lovely fringed scarf. Russian women wear these large scarfs for special occasions. Mine is made of royal – or should I say imperial - blue silk accentuating the embroidered chrysanthemums. 

Leopards are my favourites - Encore

I got a visit of a dear lady friend. When we looked at each other we laughed. By coincidence we had both chosen animal print, she for her top and I for my scarf from South Africa. We do love leopards. As Halloween happened to be around the corner we agreed that we'd rather disguise ourselves as the beautiful wild cats than as witches.

One thing sets us apart from leopards, only. We do love dark chocolate and indulged in the delicacy my friend had presented me with - in an animal print bag for sure.

Main-hattan Transfer by Five - Damengesellschaft

I spent my last Indian summer day at Frankfurt's newly refurbished Altstadt, the medieval town centre. The round square in front of the Römer, the 600 years old city hall and the surrounding timber-framed houses are restored to their former picturesque beauty.

From there it is a short walk to the river banks of the Main with their subtropical park on one side and the string of museums on the left bank.

At Frankfurt`s main art gallery, the Schirn I had a surprise encounter with Lotte Laserstein. The Berlin based Jewish painter had one great subject, the new woman, the independant city girl of the twenties hatching out of the protective cocoon the Belle Epoque had kept her in. Lotte's bold portraits remindend me of another German born lady painter I greatly cherish, of Irma Stern from Cape Town (see post March 20, 2018).

I felt elated in the company of this Damengesellschaft / ladies gathering, a name the museum cleverly attributes to their circle of female supporters. 

As to my…

Main-hattan Transfer by Five - Bull & Bear

You needn't visit the Frankfurt Zoo to get a photo of yourself in the company of two attractive animals. They are waiting for you in the inner city in front of the old stock exchange building. Bull & bear, the worldwide symbols of your fortune's ever climbing and falling curve should you be invested in shares, up and down, up and down right as the paternoster of the Fleming's.

For this meaningful encounter I put on a sober black dress lifted up by butterflies on a pale pink blazer from Rinascimento, Italy. Often enough the stocks are tumbling like butterflies leaving you clueless about their future direction.

Main-hattan Transfer by Five - Paternoster

From the bookshop Weltenleser to my favourite place for an aperitif it is just a short walk. Sipping one of Fleming's inventive, colourful cocktails on their terrace overlooking the sky line of the city in the background and the historic city gate Eschenheimer Tor near by is sheer joy.

The modernist hotel has an imposig marble staircase, but we never use the stairs. Sliding to the top floor in their working paternoster is greatly adding to the fun of the Fleming's.

Memories of my childhood years when I used to meet my mother at her office building in the centre of Berlin are coming to my mind. I always was late, because I went up and down the paternoster, up and down...

 Many an American film of that time had the stars meeting by chance in a paternoster. Right across the Fleming and the city gate is the modern version of a cinema  in its hay days. The multiplex Metropolis is citing just that bit of past glamour that makes it interesting without being outdated.

Main-hattan Transfer by Five - Haute Lecture

My days in Frankfurt coincided with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the largest international book fair worldwide. Thus, it seemed appropriate to spend my first morning at my favourite bookshop Weltenleser  indulging in literature from Georgia.

This small country at the crossroads of Europe and Asia was the guest of honour at the book fair and had brought to Frankfurt a plethora of exhibitions and other events besides their beautiful pavillon at the fair grounds. Their intriguing scripture and their rich treasure of ancient gold took centre stage.

No stay in Frankfurt is complete without spending Germany's greatest poet a visit. Goethe spent his childhood in his father's house in the old town centre. The large 18th century house of the wealthy and influential citizen is the greatest tourism hot spot in town. I duly renewed my love affair with Goethe and his poems (see my post of March 6, 2018) in his home town.
I thought my outfit should blend in with the cheerful colours of exotic G…