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More Ethnic Silver


Ethnic Silver

Ethnic silver jewellery used to be a sort of insurance for women in many countries. Traditionally they would not work but stay at home and raise the children. Depending on the culture they got silver jewellery as a dowry or as a bride price to protect them from poverty should their husband die prematurely or divorce them. Therefore, ethnic silver jewellery makes always a statement. The more silver got into a piece and the more intricately it was decorated the better. Arabic pieces often have Quran verses inserted in small tubes or engraved on coins. On a visit to Santiago de Chile to see my daughter on her internship I found the crocodile brooch decorated with turquoise and lapis lazuli at the wonderful Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino in Santiago de Chile. My pieces come from countries as diverse as Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and China.

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