Chic is a kind of mayonnaise, either it tastes, or it doesn’t.
Karl Lagerfeld

I am a seventy something world traveller and my dress code is all about context and mood. Where do I happen to be today? How do I feel this morning? Eclectic is my key word. Combine a high-end item with streetwear and you will look fabulous. The other key word is travel. During the last twelve years I have been staying on three continents and writing travel books. Since then I am living in AND, in France AND South Africa AND Germany. My fashion finds around the world define my style. Thus my mayonnaise is sometimes plainly homemade, sometimes peppered with exotic spices.

I got my inspiration from a rabbit and from a New York based aficionado of silver hair chic. An eternally youthful bunny may not be an obvious role model for a silver surfer, but Fifi Lapin’s playful sketches and funny notes on the ever so urgent question What shall I wear today? did the trick for me. Thank you, Fifi! And thank you Ari! Ari Seth Cohen’s blog and books of his accidental models on the streets of New York inspired me to set up my own fashion blog. A whiff of sunny California and good humour paired with useful technical advice came from Aimée Song’s book Capture your Style where she explains how to post photos successfully. I do not aim at her level of professionalism but it was fun to read. 

For the layout of my blog I am much indebted to my daughter Sophie who took most of the fashion photos with good taste, endless patience and a pinch of humour. Her friend Clemens generously  contributed his IT skills here and there to spice up my blog.

If you are a woman (of a certain age) who shares my passion for fashion & travelling I invite you to accompany me on my journey around the world.

NEW! - - - NEW! - - - NEW! Read more on me and my projects of the third age in the new issue of the German women's magazine Brigitte Wir - Für Frauen ab 60, September / October 2018, article Aktion Mensch 60+, 50ff, on page 51 about me: Bloggen über Modewelten (Blogging on the World of Fashion).


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