Finis Terrae

I didn't discover the end of the world, yet. I only came to Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire, which is indeed a sort of Finis Terrae. The Argentinians call it Fin del Mundo.

There, I had the privilege to talk with the American lady scientist Natalie Prosser Goodall, who discovered and assembled the most intriguing collection of Arctic sea mammals further to be read about in my travel book Woanders / Somewhere else (for details see Some 40 years ago Natalie came to this wild country on a short stint as a student, met a local sheep farmer and stayed.

In the town Ushuia the last forepost of civilisation, I met a lady artist who is a descendant of the first inhabitants, the.Yaghan. They were living on their boats and the fires they entertained on their swimming homes inspired the name Tierra del Fuego.

For one year I shared with you, dear reader, the endless variety of womens' adornements I discovered  on my travels. Thank you for having followed me on this virtual journey. With my new earrings from a talented Rwandan designer in Kigali and a Christmas gift from my daughters, a clutch showing the whole world, I say good bye to you.



                    The End


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