Small town, great couture

Romain Courret, my favourite couturier (see post of January 24) had invited to his défilé of the season and he played it grand.

We could enjoy his inventive fashion in the beautiful courtyard of the golf hotel Chateau des Vigiers.

Romain had named his new collection Nouvelle Ambassade / New Embassy. The German equivalent Botschaft has the double meaning of embassy and message and a message he did convey. It spelled vivid creativity and playfulness.

As a hommage to the mixed nationalities of his viewers Romain had dedicated each outfit to a diffferent nation.

The défilé took place on French Heritage Day. The Chateau was just the right frame. The French flair for keeping their tradition alive was the other messsage.

They hold skilled handicraft, the creation and the restauration of beautiful objects in the highest esteem.

Couturiers, jewellers, glass blowers, cabinet makers, upholsterers, all these professions are greatly valued. There exists even a Jour de l'Artisanat  / Day of Handicraft. 
As tradition has it the last dress, the Nouvelle Ambassade, was the bridal gown. Its high collar, silver lamé fabric and superlong train were a mocking bow to Elizabethan pomp.

The happy crowd showered the designer with applause and shared a vin d'honneur with his girls in the mild glow of a late summer afternoon.

The honey coloured walls and manicured lawns of Chateau des Vigiers played their part.

©, Jean-Yves Gosti
The Chateau added a contemporary twist with its current exhibition of sculpture Sculptures au Jardin. The archaic stone face by Jean-Yves Gosti looked in awe at the colourful succession of manneqins on the catwalk.

What a lovely mixture of fashion, art and French flair!


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