Oh, so Formal

I admit to have a penchant for the tailored suit. When I was still working it used to be a sort of uniform. You didn’t have to think much about what to put on. Just two suits and assorted blouses or jerseys and you were fit for a business trip. Now that I am retired the opportunities for suits present themselves not so often. Still I like to wear a suit every now and then on an autumn day in the city or for a lunch appointment. The best: this autumn season the suit is having a renaissance. Look at all the mannequins in suits at the Paris Fashion Week! So, suit is even rhyming to young and fashionable, mainly the version with pants, though.

The chequered dark red and green suit was made in Italy by Bartolomei and the black and beige by Viviana Fougá in Buenos Aires. It is sheer joy to stroll along the streets of central Buenos Aires, Recoleta or Palermo and to do some leisurely window shopping. You will never finish browsing. Some boutiques and dress maker’s ateliers are tucked away in narrow side lanes.

On the other side of the world I found the fur cap. I was walking in Nanjing when I saw a group of man at the side of the road. Their weather-beaten faces attracted my curiosity. It turned out that they had come down from the Tibetan mountains to sell their ware. They offered furs and caps made of lynx, the largest wild cat of their home region. The herders of the vast grasslands hunt them because they are seen as a danger to their domestic animals. The lynx not being endangered there does not seem to exist a restriction for trading the furs. 


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